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I have been an eBay user since 2001, mainly as a buyer, and decided to start selling as a business in 2011.

The name Platinum Place was created and actually came from the name of a football award that I received many years ago (Platinum Player). For the first few months, it was really a hobby that I worked very hard at, using all my spare time in the evenings and weekends, as I already had a full time job.

I decided to take on the business Full Time in 2012, so I could use all my time to build the business and take it further. I am very thankfull to my wife, who supports me 100% in my ideas and efforts. Just need to get her to do the packing now :-)

Stickers is the primary part of my business, as I have been in the printing industry for over 6 years, so used all my experience from this, and I have printed a wide variety of advertising and fun items.

The eBay Shop, Platinum Place, has over 30,000 positive feedback remarks, as a seller.

I have recently been appointed as an Authorised Seller of Datacard and Evolis ID Card Printers, which may be a new avenue for Platinum Place, but not for myself. I have been involved with ID Card Printers for over 6 years.

The website, online shop and eBay are maintained by myself, and I welcome any comments you may have regarding these.

Platinum Place is a UK VAT Registered Business.

You can contact us via Email info@platinum-place.co.uk or by telephone 07811 189 445 (mobile)  (phones line available between 10am and 4pm Monday to Friday, and an answerphone is available if not answered. Please do not leave details for personalised products via telephone.)

The aim of my business, Platinum Place is simple:

Quality Products, Low Prices, Fast Delivery and Excellent Service.

I hope I can deliver all these to you, if you purchase through Platinum Place...


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